About the Journal

Environmental reports (ENRE) is an open access journal under Multidisciplinary Sciences Publisher (MSP) and it is registered by Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) based in Malaysia. ENRE is a peer-reviewed journal covering various topics. All the article published by ENRE will get high visibility for reader as well as for global exposure. ENRE consider original environmental-related studies of global interest. ENRE is a peer-reviewed open access journal covering a wide area of research. It serves the international research community of interdisciplinary areas for better understanding the surrounding environment. Environmental pollution, climate change, ecosystem contamination, and hazardous materials are among the scope of ENRE.

The journal fits submissions related to full research studies, reviews articles, and perspective. ENRE publishes TWO (2) issues a year; June and December issue.

Any correspondence, queries and request for information regarding the ENRE should be sent to the Editorial Office at [email protected]



Calling for Papers

December Issue; Volume 1, Issue 1, 2022

Authors are welcomed to submit original articles, , reviews articles and commentary. Please visit our website at