Editorial Team

Editor in Chief

Dr. Mohamad Nor Azra

Universiti Malaysia Terengganu


Field of Research: Environmental Research

Area of expertise: aquatic ecosystem, climate change, thermal tolerance, marine environment

Editorial Board Members

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivar Zekker

University of Tartu, Estonia

Field of research: Environmental Technology

Area of expertise: wastewater treatment, bioelectrochemical systems, fungal metal recycling, adsorption for dye removal

Professor Dr Mohammad Belal Hossain

School of Engineering and Built Environment,

Griffith University,


Field of research: Environmental Management

Area of Expertise: Aquatic biodiversity, ecological risk assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment

Assoc. Prof. Dr Yudi Nurul Ihsan

Universitas Padjadjaran,


Field of research: Environmental Science

Area of Expertise: Coastal Biogeochemistry, Symbiotic Mutualism, Marine Biota, Bioremediation and Bioenergy

Dr. Okomoda Victor Tosin

University of Agriculture Makurdi,


Field of research: Environmental Technology

Area of Expertise: Wastewater treatment, ultraviolet irradiation, fermentation, nutrition technology, breeding technology

Dr. Giorgi Dal Pont

Federal University of Paraná,


Field of research: Environmental Sciences

Area of Expertise: Ecotoxicology, comparative physiology, aquaculture, animal science

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hani Amir Aouissi

Scientific and Technical Research Centre on Arid Regions (CRSTRA),


Field of research: Environmental Science

Area of expertise: Evolutionary Biology, Wildlife Management, Conservation, Ecology and Evolution, Biodiversity Monitoring