About Us

Multidisciplinary Sciences Publisher (MSP) is a modern publishing business established in 2021 registered under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), and it is audited yearly with the Registration Number of 202101040145 (1440445-W). The general nature of business is organization, promotions and/or event management, publishing books, brochures, article and others publication. MSP is based in Malaysia, and it is a platform for academic activities to develop knowledge in multiple disciplines of science. At the moment, we are looking for any discussion with academics, institutions, industry, and other parties to strengthen the knowledge and linkage worldwide through this platform. We have several journals under MSP and strive to be included in the top indexes as we have an excellent and experienced editorial team and support from several institutions. We also offer a workshop, conference, and training provided by MSP teams to assist lecturers, researchers, graduate students, and scholars in improving visibility and skills.

Vision and Mission

Our main vision is to be an excellent platform for academics, institutions, individual experts, and industry to share their knowledge and experience. For the long term, MSP is targeted to be more creative, independent, and excellent in publishing and knowledge transfer that bring satisfaction to all customers and readers. In order to achieve the mission, we have created a good linkage with several experts in various countries to guide and help the development of MSP in the right direction.

Speech by the representative of the publisher

As representative of the Multidisciplinary Science Publisher, I would like to humbly extend my gratitude to those involved in the establishment of MSP as the publisher of choice in promoting knowledge and research in the form of writing. We are also very honoured to receive any collaboration from various entities in achieving the company's vision and mission. To date, we have managed to establish two journals, namely environmental reports and agricultural reports. From time to time, we will strive to obtain several indexes for ENRE and AGRE in line with the needs of authors and researchers. With the establishment of MSP, it is our hope that we can facilitate the knowledge transfer process and assist researchers in coming up with ideas related to academic, thus putting MSP on the same level as other world-renowned publishers. Thank you.